The Standardized Cognitive Tasks (SCT) Project

Dear Colleagues,

We are here to announce the Standardized Cognitive Tasks (SCT) Project. The aim of this project is to create a platform to share standardized psychological paradigms (e.g., Stroop task in cognitive control) and data.

Cognitive tasks are the best way to create specific mental states and define psychological phenomenon. Most categories in cognitive science (e.g., memory, learning, attention, etc.) could be studied by lots of paradigms, of which a few have become classical or “gold standard”. Moreover, even the same paradigm varies from lab to lab, making it even difficult to compare between them. The relatively low repeatability of psychological experiments has been a headache of researchers in cognitive science. Therefore it is high time to collect big data with standardized paradigms.

The SCT Project is an attempt to get through the above problems. Standardized tasks of each cognitive category would be collected from the mostly used paradigms. For better generalization, different versions of paradigms would be provided to adapt to different software platforms, including the system in mobile devices. Collected data with the standard paradigms would be shared. The behavioral data are in form of tables, while the fMRI data are in form of analyzed beta-images of task-based fMRI.

The SCT project is helpful to elucidate the controversial issues with the large-scale database and to map the brain areas activated in certain cognitive processing (e.g. through meta-analysis). It will also provide norms to demarcate the mental disorders. Another foreseeable benefit may be its teaching and demonstration function. Discussion is sincerely welcome through the forum.

We would first share our data with standard cognitive control paradigms (i.e., spatial Stroop and Simon), to serve as a modest spur to induce someone to come forward with his valuable contributions.

Best regards,

Xun Liu, Ph.D.,

Principal Investigator

Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China